Individual solutions of legal issues
  We offer individual solutions of legal issues which take into account all the client's needs and based on a combination of international business practices and knowledge of the specifics of the Russian legislation.  

Tax consulting

Consulting on tax issues has a large practical importance in view of constantly changing tax legislation. Demand for tax consulting on the legal services market can be explained by considerable financial risks, which a company may encounter in the case of undervaluation or lack of attention to tax issues accompanying current business activities.

Professional tax consultation prevents negative tax effects and allows for the minimizing of tax expenses.

Specialists of tax practice consult both on general questions of tax legislation application and matters of taxation of specific transactions and the special aspects of taxation in particular branches of economic activity.

Our lawyers provide comprehensive and complex support on various tax issues of a company’s current business activity.

Our experts have vast experience in consulting clients. Our services include:

• Preparation of legal opinions based on the application of tax legislation provisions and relevant case law
• Consulting on tax issues of the current business processes of a company
• Consulting on tax issues regarding a prospective deal, resulting in the suggestion of the most effective terms in the context of tax law provisions
• Clarifications of tax consequences in various situations of client’s interest
• Clarifications of tax deduction and tax exemption issues
• Clarifications of the specifics of tax calculation and payment
• Analysis of future changes in tax law, and explanation of effects of such changes

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