Individual solutions of legal issues
  We offer individual solutions of legal issues which take into account all the client's needs and based on a combination of international business practices and knowledge of the specifics of the Russian legislation.  


Lexmans Consulting team has experience in the implementation of complex projects in the following areas.

Tax consulting

- Consulting on tax legislation;
- Tax expertise;
- Preparing objection to inspection reports and pre-trial settlement of tax disputes;
- Tax cases management in court;
- Assessment of the tax consequences of transactions, and the implementation of investment projects.

Corporate management

- Legal audit of the corporate governance of an enterprise;
- Development of recommendations for the effective functioning of corporate structures and holdings;
- Maintenance of the corporate governance of an enterprise;
- Legal support for corporate investments projects;
- Corporate dispute management.


- Maintenance of legal disputes in arbitration courts;
- We provide reports on the risks of litigations on the basis of an assessment of the circumstances of the case and a legal review of documents;
- Maintenance of enforcement proceedings.


- Legal support for all bankruptcy proceedings;
- Representation of the interests of debtors and creditors in all bankruptcy proceedings.

Audit and assessment

- Audit of financial statements.
- Assessment of business, real estate, equipment and vehicles, intangible assets for the purpose of forming collateral contributions of the authorized capital, purchase and sale, the preparation of financial statements.

International practice

- Preparation of recommendations for the use of foreign (offshore) companies in your business;
- Consulting in the area of tax planning;
- Development of legal structure of a company, a group of companies;
- Registration of companies abroad;
- Opening and assisting in the management of bank accounts in foreign banks;
- Ongoing support in the area of corporate legal services to foreign companies;
- Preparation of financial statements, audits, interaction with tax authorities;
- Registration of ships and yachts;
- Registration of private funds and trusts;
- Processing of transactions for sale and purchase of real estate;
- We accept for annual maintenance companies registered through other administrators;
- Status check of foreign companies (potential partners) through competent authorities in place of registration
- Registration of non-residents in Russia due to property ownership and opening of accounts in Russian banks.

Client identification and compliance

It is now quite often that the client needs our support while having different kinds of verification and compliance procedures in order to pass security check.

In response, we have launched a new activity direction, providing our clients with professional services in collecting and processing all the necessary documents, which are then submitted to Russian and foreign state agencies as well as commercial and social organisations. Our specialists are competent and experienced enough in certifying documents, carrying out various identification procedures (photo identification, dactylography, documentary identification etc.), advising on documents preparation procedures and deadlines.

All the procedures are strictly confidential, safe and are carried out with the help of advanced technologies allowing our clients to reduce time spent on the personal identification process. As the experienced consulting company we guarantee high-quality result and its compliance with the rules of Russian and foreign legislation.

Our experts will answer all of your questions.

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