Individual solutions of legal issues
  We offer individual solutions of legal issues which take into account all the client's needs and based on a combination of international business practices and knowledge of the specifics of the Russian legislation.  

Registration of companies

Foreign companies attractive in terms of tax planning can be divided into two main groups:

1. Classic offshore companies. Companies, which are not liable to taxes.

  • A company must pay fixed annual fees;
  • Companies are exempted from tax provided that they do not conduct their business on the territory of the country of registration; management accounting is not mandatory.

Examples: Seychelles, Belize, British Virgin Islands (BVI)


2. Low tax jurisdictions. Companies are liable to taxes

  • Companies are highly prestigious in the international community;
  • Companies can benefit from the application of double taxation treaties;
  • Management accounting is mandatory.


Examples: UK, Ireland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Cyprus.

Under certain conditions these companies can be used in tax-free (low-tax) regime.

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