Individual solutions of legal issues
  We offer individual solutions of legal issues which take into account all the client's needs and based on a combination of international business practices and knowledge of the specifics of the Russian legislation.  

Private funds and trusts

Consulting on issues of formation and management of private funds and trusts constitutes one of the essential parts of our company’s services.

We have a strong background in international companies’ management and offer the most effective mechanisms of international holdings incorporation. This is achievable with access to the world capital market, trust structures, as well as the formation of specific funds for solving issues of private capital management and assets transfer by inheritance.

Our partners are able to benefit from the variety of organizational characteristics and advantages of private funds, such as:

• Confidentiality of ownership and property management
• Possibility of property transfer by inheritance to restricted scope of persons (heirs), with no possible consequences of application of compulsory inheritance provision and with minimum tax charges
• Possibility to restrict access of potential creditors to property of owners and their heirs
• Possibility to legally distance oneself from property, at the same time retaining an essential level of control and management

Besides all the aforementioned, we offer consultations on issues of acquisition and sale of assets, and investing in companies on behalf of funds.

Our specialists’ vast experience in registration and assistance of private funds activity allows us to enjoy all the advantages of such business, according to clients’ needs in the most complete and efficient way.

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