Individual solutions of legal issues
  We offer individual solutions of legal issues which take into account all the client's needs and based on a combination of international business practices and knowledge of the specifics of the Russian legislation.  

Bank accounts

The bank account is very often the main asset of the company, and the choice of the bank is one of the main points to pay attention to.
LEXMANS CORPORATE SERVICES offers services on opening bank accounts in the banks of Switzerland, Cyprus, the Baltic States. Our experts will help you to gather all documents required and prepare them for opening an account. You do not have to travel abroad to open a bank account: we will arrange a meeting with the bank’s representative in Saint-Petersburg.

  • VP Bank (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Singapore)
  • Bank of Cyprus (Cyprus)
  • CMB Monaco (Monaco)
  • C.I.M. BANK (Switzerland)

Professional and banking secrecy in these countries are approved and protected by law.

It is not necessary to open an offshore account in your company’s country of incorporation. For example, a company registered in the Seychelles, can open an account with a Swiss bank.

Account management is possible by e-mail and via the Internet, by fax and by phone. You may receive the credit / debit card.

For more information, please contact our consultants.

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